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No two people are exactly the same and no two people respond the same way to anything. This includes food, exercise, supplements, hormones, lifestyle, stress, environmental factors, etc.  Despite what many conventional Doctors will tell you, this also applies to surgeries and prescription medications.  The enormous body of information and knowledge that we have regarding the human body pales by comparison to what we still do not know.  The fact it is not an exact science is why it is called “The Practice of Medicine”.
At Age 2 Perfection, we acknowledge interpersonal variations and remain humbled by modern science’s relative ignorance about the human body and all of its intricate workings.   By acting as guides, not dictators, we will work with you as an individual in the search for the recipe for your optimal wellness.  This may take time and, quite frankly, some trial and error.  We want to arm you with the information and power to understand your own body and be an active participant in controlling your health. We will start with what is relatively “known/proven”  by today’s science and, with your feedback, we will gradually work our way into the less proven, yet, in the right individuals, equally effective solutions.